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What is carbon fiber?

About Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber are continuous filaments that are high performance reinforcements for composites.
They are about 10 times stronger and 5 times lighter than steel and about 1.5 times lighter than aluminum.
When impregnated with the right matrix, carbon fiber composites offer extreme corrosion resistance, thermal stability and other tunable properties according to the applications.


Ultra Light Weight

Higher Specific Stiffness

Thermally Stable

High Durability

Good Tensile Strength

Dimensionally Stable

Electrically Conductive

Corrosion Resistance

Types Of Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber are of two types based on the raw material :

PAN Type Carbon Fiber

This type of the fiber produced by carbonization of PAN precursor (PAN: Polyacrylonitrile),having high tensile strength and high elastic modulus. extensively applied for structural material composites in aerospace, industrial field, sporting and recreational goods.

Pitch Type Carbon Fiber

This type of the fiber produced by carbonization of oil/coal pitch precursor, having extensive properties from low elastic modulus to ultrahigh elastic modulus. Fibers with ultrahigh elastic modulus are extensively adopted in high stiffness components and various other uses like utilizing high thermal conductivity or electric conductivity.